Looking for some electric water heater reviews? Good! This is exactly what this section will be focusing on. Needless to say, this type of water heater is powered by electricity. Most people assume that the only reason you would purchase an electric water heater is an absence of gas supply to your home. However, it’s not quite that simple.
Electric water heaters have several clear advantages over gas and solar-powered varieties. Whilst they generally carry higher operating costs, these are often outweighed by the benefits offered. Before reading our electric water heater reviews for individual products, please make sure you read the following guide as it will help you understand the different features available as well as the situations in which they are clearly preferable to other models.

How much will it cost me? Electric water heater operating costs. 

The basic fact is that electricity is generally more expensive than gas. This translates into higher utility bills overall. However, the difference can be marginal depending on the deal you have with your supplier. If you’re considering an electric water heater, ensure that you’re getting a good deal. Often, both gas and electricity are provided by the same company. This does not always mean that you’re getting the best price. Shop around and see whether you can get a cheaper deal by separating your suppliers.

You’ll also have to consider other costs aside from your utilities. For instance, electric water heaters are often easier to install and have a higher service life compared to other units. The overall cost of ownership can thus be significantly lower. While electric water heaters will generally be more expensive, the difference is often grossly overstated. In fact, if you don’t use hot water very often it’s possible that the electric model will in fact cost less. This is because electric water heaters have lower standby loss due to superior insulation. Fuel-fired water heaters will lose around 3.5% of stored heat per hour, compared to only 1% for electric heaters.


So why choose an electric water heater if it’s more expensive to use? Below we list the major benefits associated with electric models. Depending on your home or office setup, the electric water heater can be the absolute no-brainer choice.

When reading our electric water heater reviews you’ll find that one of the major selling points of each unit is  the simplicity and convenience these appliances offer. They are easy to install and are usually easier to operate as well. You’ll find that it’s much less of a hassle to get up and running compared to any other model. You can install them almost anywhere in your house or office. Within cramped city homes, this can be absolute saver of valuable real estate!

There’s also the issue of safety. Gas heaters use the combustion process to heat water and so you will be susceptible to hazards and problems associated with this method. Electric water heaters are, simply speaking, much safer. There’s no chance that combustible vapors can cause explosion, as with gas models. Due to these safety concerns, you will often find that you will have to adhere to all sorts of state codes and regulations when installing your gas heater. These can sometimes mean significant investment in the infrastructure of your building, which can often outweigh any operating cost benefits.

In addition, electric water heaters can be used simply as supplemental units. They can be used in conjunction with solar heaters or heat pump water heaters. This can be particularly useful if you have special functions in your house appliances that require quick and higher-temperate water, such as washing machines and dishwashers.